Audio, Video, Lighting and Scenic Solutions for Corporate Meetings & Live Events

Nov 29, 2023

Corporate meetings are integral forums in which critical decisions are made, strategies are discussed, and information is shared. It is of utmost importance to select and arrange audio, video, and lighting components in a suitable manner to effectively convey the message. Let us delve into the process of making optimal choices for each aspect.

Audio: Facilitating Effective Communication for All

Microphone Options

  • Handheld Mics: With both wired & wireless options, handheld mics are perfect for presenters and Q&A.
  • Lapel “Lav” Mics:  A clip-on miniature microphone for hands-free speaking.
  • Table Top Mics: Ideal for use in a boardroom or round table discussions, these devices have the capability to capture voices from various directions and “Push To Talk” capabilities.

Speaker Options

  • Powered Speaker: Also known as self-powered speakers and active speakers. They can be utilized in a large range of applications. Including Small office meetings, large corporate meetings, and sound reinforcement/fill-in.
  • Line Array Speakers: To provide a narrow vertical output pattern useful for focusing sound at an audience without wasting output energy. These systems are perfect for larger indoor & outdoor corporate and concert-style event applications.
  • Wide Array Speakers: To provide a very wide vertical output pattern useful for focusing sound at audiences without wasting output energy. These systems are ideal for larger outdoor events with the ability for unique indoor events where a Line Array may not be sufficient.

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Video: Maximizing the Impact of Visuals

Projection Options

  • Projection: With Lumens & Resolution as the two main considerations for any application, projection can be the most cost-effective way to present a visual experience for your audience.
  • Projection Mapping: Similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into display surfaces for video projection.
  • Projection Screens: With an unlimited availability of sizes, including both front, rear and transparent projection options, projection screens are the number one option to display content for any type of meeting or event.

Camera Options

With the advancement of video resolution & quality, regardless if your event is recorded, in-person, or a Webcast, cameras help bridge the gap between people for a more personal experience in any situation.

Monitor Options

Monitors can be used as the main focus for your content, a fill-in, or support for a presenter. Monitors have both an unlimited and specific use for any event application.

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Lighting: Creating an Un-recognizable Environment

Lighting Options

  • Conventional: Encompassing incandescent, fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge (HID) technologies have led the industry for decades, this style of lighting is still used in today’s Live Event applications.
  • LED: Utilizing Light-Emitting Diodes, this style of lighting has dominated the world with unlimited use of applications due to its versatility and low temperatures compared to conventional lighting.
  • Moving Lights: First invented for rock and roll, moving lights can be found in any event application. These fixtures allow the designer to assign multiple attributes, including direction, color, shape as well as intensity.

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Scenic: Providing a 3D View of a Natural and Custom Background

With a limitless array of possibilities, in-person scenery options continue to dominate the industry with their ability to surprise and impress by transporting the audience to an exciting environment.

The proper audio, video, and lighting arrangement can significantly influence the efficiency of a corporate meeting. Allocating time and resources to carefully select and set up the appropriate equipment is not only about appearance but also about guaranteeing effective communication and maximizing the value of each and every meeting and event

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