How OSS Can Help with Virtual Webcast Events

Dec 8, 2023

On Site Specialists can streamline the process of broadcasting a live stream or live webcast event

Are you looking to organize a virtual webcast event but unsure of where to begin? Whether it’s a virtual or hybrid event or a full-scale live event, On Site Specialists take care of all your event needs! Embarking on a technically advanced webcast meeting demands meticulous planning as a gateway to a successful execution. However, if you lack expertise, diving in might feel like stepping into the unknown without a guide on where or how to begin.

Key Features of a Virtual Webcast / Livestream

On Site Specialist’s virtual webcast services can be broadcast in real-time, allowing offsite viewers the ability to watch and listen to the events as they happen. Even better, the webcasts can be made available after the live event for on-demand viewing allowing the viewer the ability to watch and listen to important information again or invite those who were not able to attend the webcast and watch it at their own leisure.

Key features of a webcast include:

Event Management & Support

On Site Specialists is a leading live show and events technical AV resource to ensure your event goes off without a hitch from start to finish. We understand that the experience is everything to the attendees and the viewers. This is why experienced show producers and event planners make OSS their first call and a partner they trust. By leveraging our team and equipment, you can rest assured in knowing that we have you covered with the latest lighting, projection, video, audio, and staging resources.


Do you possess a grand vision but lack the know-how to bring it to life? No worries! On site Specialists are the seasoned professionals who turn your vision into reality, offering event and set design, Vectorworks drawings, and experienced expert collaboration. Step into a world of creativity as we craft the stage of your dreams—literally. Immerse yourself in the magic as our experts artfully intertwine custom carpentry, lavish carpets, StageRight staging, mesmerizing backdrops, and flawless set construction.


Elevate your experience with top-notch speakers, amps, microphones, digital mixers, audio recorders, and intercom systems—each meticulously chosen to ensure your special guest’s voice fills the room with crystal-clear precision. Our products undergo rigorous testing and maintenance, ensuring a flawless performance that lets you focus on the meeting without fretting over the technology.

Illuminate your event with the brilliance of highly sought-after lighting design and elevate the ambiance with our range of professional equipment including, cutting-edge cameras, state-of-the-art video conferencing gear, expansive monitors, high-definition digital projectors, and screens of all shapes and sizes. When you take the stage, do so with unwavering confidence, knowing that our technical solution has been tweaked, tested, and backed up to ensure a flawless event. Light up the moment and let every detail shine!

Elevate Your Virtual Webcast to Extraordinary Heights with OSS

In the realm of virtual webcast events, On Site Specialists stand as your ultimate ally, ready to transform your vision into an unforgettable reality. With a dedicated focus on careful planning and execution, OSS brings an unparalleled level of service. From seamless management and support of your entire event to the alluring customization of stages and sets, OSS adds a touch of magic to every detail. Elevate your audience’s experience with OSS state-of-the-art equipment, handpicked with care in mind and utmost performance. With On Site Specialists, your virtual webcast is not just an event; it’s an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Request a quote today and let On Site Specialists help transform your vision into an immersive experience.

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